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We are specialized Heat sink manufacturers & suppliers/factory from China. Wholesale Heat sink with high quality as low price/cheap, one of the Heat sink leading brands from China,Zhenjiang Yopo electronic Science and technology Co., Ltd.
  •  Plug-in radiator

    Plug-in radiator

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  • Profile radiator

    Profile radiator

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  • Non-standard radiator

    Non-standard radiator

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  • Non-standard radiator

    Non-standard radiator

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  • aluminium heatsink extrusion

    aluminium heatsink extrusion

    Category: aluminum heat sink
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    Release time: 2020-04-13 16:11:13
    Aluminum profiles use pure aluminum or aluminum alloy as raw materials. After melting, cutting, extrusion and other processes, metal panels with different cross-sectional shapes can be formed. Then they can be used in surface treatment processes such as wire drawing, sand blasting, electroplating, radium carving screen printing, and anodizing It can be cast into a radiator shell with exquisite surface and excellent and stable performance. The aluminum profile as a raw material has the following characteristics: light weight, corrosion resistance, strong thermal conductivity, non-magnetic, strong plasticity. For example, the Al6063 / Al6061 aluminum alloy used by Zhigao Industrial in the manufacture of radiators can be shaped into radiators of various shapes by virtue of its superior plasticity. Among them, the fin radiator and the sunflower radiator are typical representatives. In addition, in the later stage, the surface of the radiator is processed by drawing, sandblasting, radium carving, silk screen printing, etc., which can give the product more possibilities in appearance. Therefore, it can be customized according to the manufacturers' drawings and samples to meet different industries and Product requirements for heat sink shape.

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