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Why the electronic radiator is best to be silent when in use
2020-12-15 17:06:07

       Why the electronic radiator is best to be silent when in use,When the electronic radiator is in use, it is best to be silent. As a professional electronic radiator manufacturer, our company will learn with you why it is better to be silent when in use.

      Computer CPU radiators not only pursue super heat dissipation capacity, but also provide users with an excellent experience. Constant temperature and humidity machine, wind tunnel, noise laboratory, standard Intel, AMD heat dissipation test platform, standard VGA heat dissipation test system and various professional test instruments, as well as a batch of experienced heat dissipation and noise test engineers. In terms of heat dissipation performance, there is no obvious gap between major manufacturers. The use of new PWM cold control technology to achieve low-temperature energy-saving operation, the technical characteristics are: low-temperature working state, the heater does not participate in the work.

       First, determine the electronic components to be dissipated, clarify their working parameters, working conditions, sizes, and installation methods. Choose the size of the bottom plate of the radiator slightly larger than the component mounting surface. For single-rib radiators, if heat dissipation is required The width of the radiator is vacant in the table, and you can choose a radiator of double or triple width to cut off. In the case of most of the current centralized heating operations and management is not standardized, chemical plating and paint internal anti-corrosion on the radiator can extend its service life, but it is not absolutely safe.

 Why the electronic radiator is best to be silent when in use