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What is the purpose of electronic radiator
2020-08-25 17:11:42

      What is the purpose of electronic radiator

      The radiator is an important and basic component in the hot water heating system. The electronic radiator is also the main and basic device used to accelerate the heat dissipation of the heating element, which is mainly used for integrated circuits such as computers and refrigerators. These integrated circuits look like small pieces, but the workload is heavy. If they are not dissipated in time, the integrated circuits will not be burned out and the electrical appliances will be paralyzed. The task of the electronic radiator is to dissipate heat and keep these machines working normally.

      If you want to buy an electronic radiator, it is very important to distinguish and choose its quality.So how to distinguish and choose? The radiator points out: Basically, you can distinguish and choose from two points, one is the performance, and the other is the quietness of the work. The heat dissipation of the radiator is generally through contact and absorption of heat to dissipate heat. In this case, the electronic radiator must be free of rust, cracks, smoothness, etc., and the purity of the material, the fineness and thickness of the processing will also affect The performance of electronic radiators.For electronic radiators, the pH of water should be controlled at PH8/9, the temperature should be lower than 39℃, and the resistivity of water should be higher than 2.5.