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What are the main advantages of electronic radiators
2020-09-04 09:26:03

      The electronic radiator is a device that accelerates the heat dissipation of the heating element. The insert radiator adopts a straight tube push type inflation machine to expand the tube so that the aluminum tube wall and the liner are plastically deformed, and the joint is tight after the rebound, and the surface is smooth. High dimensional accuracy, 100% leak-proof can be achieved by plug-in assembly. Choosing an insert radiator also has huge advantages unmatched by other radiator materials.

      1. There is no waste in the production process, which reduces energy waste and saves a lot of manpower and energy

      2. In addition, welding is not required during the assembly process, and there is no overheating effect on the surface of the insert heat sink.

      3. The insert radiator does not have the bare leaking liner pipe required by the process of assembly, and the overall strength is high, and it will not deform and leak due to careless installation

      4. The heat dissipation effect is about 30% higher than the traditional cast iron radiator.

      5. The quality of the insert radiator is much more stable than the traditional cast iron radiator, and the cost performance is very reasonable.

      6. There are many types, styles and colors of insert radiators, which can be matched with any interior decoration style.

      7. The surface of the insert radiator adopts electrophoresis spray paint and plastic spray coating, which is smooth and clean, without edges and corners, preventing bumps, and pollution.

      8. This kind of radiator is an environmentally friendly and green product. The production adopts new stamping technology, does not require molds, and is economical. It is the best product for upgrading traditional profile radiators.