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What are the main advantages of electronic radiators
2021-08-13 08:28:16

      Electronic radiators are usually heat sinks for heat dissipation of high-power electronic components. There is no external power supply and natural cooling. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy profiles and cut to the required size according to the size of the components, such as high-power switch tubes or triodes. Heat sink. Of course, under special circumstances, ultra-high-power electronic components also have cooling fans. For example, the switch tube of a switching power supply must be equipped with a cooling fan.

      1. There is no waste in the production process, which reduces the waste of energy and saves a lot of manpower and energy.

      2. In addition, welding is not required during the assembly process, and there is no overheating effect on the surface of the insert radiator.

      3. The insert radiator does not have the bare leaking liner pipe required by the process of assembly, and the overall strength is high, and it will not cause deformation and leakage due to careless installation.

      4. The heat dissipation effect is about 30% higher than the traditional cast iron radiator.

      5. The quality of the insert radiator is much more stable than that of the traditional cast iron radiator, and the cost performance is very reasonable.

      6. There are many types, styles and colors of insert radiators, which can be matched with any interior decoration style.

      7. The surface of the insert radiator adopts electrophoretic spray paint and plastic spray coating, which has the characteristics of smooth and clean, no edges and corners, anti-collision, and no pollution.

      8. This kind of radiator is a green product. The production adopts new stamping technology, does not need molds, and is economical. It is a good product for the replacement of traditional profile radiators.