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Transformation of profile radiator in production
2021-01-26 09:37:59

      Transformation of profile radiator in production

      Will profile radiators and insert radiators cause pollution in the production? How can energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production be achieved, and what are the production requirements for insert radiators? Let’s take a look:

      Driven by the increasing consumer demand in my country's market, insert radiator manufacturers have made outstanding contributions to the progress of my country's insert radiator manufacturing technology through technological innovation of insert radiator production.

      In the casting process, how to strengthen the management of high-energy-consuming and high-polluting processes, and what standards to achieve, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption and pollution.

      The insert radiator adopts a straight tube push type inflation machine to expand the tube, so that the aluminum tube wall and the lining tube are plastically deformed. After rebound, the joint is tight, the surface is smooth, and the dimensional accuracy is high. The plug assembly can achieve 100% leak-proof. Therefore, there is no waste in the production process, which reduces energy waste. In addition, welding is not required during the assembly process, and there is no overheating effect on the surface of the insert radiator, which saves a lot of manpower and energy. In addition, the plug-in radiator does not have a bare leaking liner pipe required for assembly, and the overall strength is high, and it will not cause deformation and leakage due to careless installation.

      The key to energy saving is to use the fewest people to form a larger-scale production capacity, improve product quality, and concentrate surface treatment. The profile and buckle cover used for the insert radiator can be surface treated (electrophoresis, oxidation coloring, etc.) in the raw material production plant before the electronic radiator can be produced. It avoids the environmental pollution and energy consumption caused by the separate surface treatment of the insert radiator manufacturers.

Transformation of profile radiator in production