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Talk about the material and advantages of composite radiator
2021-09-23 11:00:38

      Talk about the material and advantages of composite radiator

      The composite radiator refers to a new type of radiator made of two materials to form a water channel. At present, there are 4 types of copper-aluminum composite, stainless steel-aluminum composite, and plastic-aluminum composite. Its name has indicated two materials and the location of the fitting. For example, copper-aluminum composite means that the two materials are copper and aluminum. The fitting position is the inner copper and the outer aluminum. The copper is the water channel and the aluminum is the outer coat. This year there is a trend of replacing aluminum with magnesium. , The birth of copper-magnesium composite, steel-magnesium composite, but it still retains the outer image and function of the aluminum jacket, and the main performance is determined by the material inside the jacket, so there is no longer a dedicated magnesium composite heating radiator.

      It is based on the fact that my country's heating water quality and operation management are not standardized, and thin-plate steel radiators are often prone to corrosion and water leakage, which affects its development. It came into being under certain conditions in my country. This passive anti-corrosion cannot fundamentally solve the problem. The solution is to take the initiative to prevent corrosion and regulate water quality and operation management, or to use radiators made of corrosion-resistant materials. Under normal circumstances, the corrosion resistance of copper is 25 times that of steel, so the copper water channel radiator can be used in a wider range of water quality and has a longer service life. Coupled with the good thermal conductivity and high thermal efficiency of copper, it became popular as soon as it came out, and it was soon promoted and became one of the best-selling radiator products.

      The copper-aluminum composite radiator is a special product of our country. The copper water channel is corrosion-resistant, and the aluminum coat increases its decorativeness, and it soon became popular throughout the country. Because the price of copper is more expensive than steel, a steel-aluminum composite radiator appeared. Its beautiful appearance is also popular in the market because it is cheaper than copper-aluminum composite, but its service life is much lower. For internal anti-corrosion of paint, pump wall steel pipe is used. Steel-aluminum composite inner cavity copper-aluminum composite is a cheap product with a beautiful appearance.