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Spade-tooth radiator technology in electronic radiator
2020-11-19 15:06:52

      Spade-tooth radiator technology in electronic radiator

      The shovel heat dissipation scheme (including copper shovel heat dissipation scheme and aluminum shovel heat dissipation scheme) adopts SKIVING (precision cutting) technology, the shovel blade is thin and uniform, the heat dissipation efficiency is stable, and the effect is better.

      The shovel tooth radiator in the electronic radiator is also called the SKIVING precision chip technology. Simply put, it is to use a professional SKIVING shovel machine/CNC shovel machine to cut the heat dissipation teeth of standard thickness and spacing according to the needs of a whole piece of aluminum or copper. sheet. Fins with standard spacing and a certain thickness and height. Due to the use of high-precision cutting technology and integrated forming, compared with other processing techniques, the same volume of raw materials can cut a larger heat dissipation area, the heat transfer performance is more stable, and the heat dissipation area is greatly improved. The heat dissipation effect under the same conditions is the traditional plug The efficiency of the tooth or glue welding type radiator is 1.5~2 times or more, thereby improving the heat dissipation efficiency and prolonging the service life of the heating components.

      The shovel radiator is mainly suitable for industries with high heat density and high power consumption and heat dissipation requirements, and is widely used in the power, medical, communication, industrial control, and server industries.

Spade-tooth radiator technology in electronic radiator