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Requirements in the manufacture of insert heat sinks
2020-07-03 13:39:38

      The insert radiator uses a straight tube push inflation machine to expand the tube, so that the aluminum profile wall and the liner reach plastic deformation. After the rebound, the insert radiator has a tight combination, a smooth surface, and high dimensional accuracy. The assembly can be 100% leak-free. So there is no waste in the production process to reduce the waste of energy. In addition, no welding is required during the assembly process, and there is no overheating effect on the surface of the blade radiator, saving a lot of manpower and energy.

      1.When the insert radiator is used for the trial of a mold with high density teeth and a large tongue ratio, the first aluminum rod must be a short aluminum rod or a pure aluminum rod of 150-200mm.

      Second, before the trial of the insert radiator, the extrusion center must be adjusted.The extrusion shaft, the ingot barrel and the die outlet are on a center line.

      3. During the trial mode and normal production process of the insert radiator, the temperature of the aluminum rod heating should be guaranteed between 480-520 ℃.

      4. The heating temperature of the insert radiator mold is controlled according to the conventional mold temperature, which is controlled at about 480 ℃. The holding time of the flat mold with a diameter of less than 200mm should not be less than 2 hours. If the split mold is kept for more than 3 hours; the diameter is greater than 200mm The mold is kept warm for 4-6 hours to ensure that the temperature of the core of the mold is uniform with the external temperature.

      Fifth, the insert radiator must be cleaned with a cylinder pad to clean the inner cylinder of the ingot cylinder before the mold trial or production, and check whether the extruder is running normally.

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