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Production process of shovel tooth electronic radiator
2021-01-21 15:54:23

      Production process of shovel tooth electronic radiator: The production of shovel tooth radiator requires mature shovel tooth production technology and advanced large-scale shovel tooth machine tools.electronic heat sink  It also requires the technical cooperation of engineers. The specific production process is:

      (1) Customize the suitable profile according to the design size, and then place the profile on the shovel machine according to the correct operation method.

      (2) Set the parameters of the shovel tooth machine tool, and input the shovel tooth data that needs to be made, such as tooth spacing, tooth height, tooth thickness and other data.

      (3) Start the shovel gear machine, the engineer monitors the machine, inspects the semi-finished product, and checks whether it meets the data requirements, and makes adjustments if there are abnormalities.

      (4) Cut the semi-finished shovel tooth parts and cut them to the designated design size.

      (5) Processing, trimming, and tapping of the cut semi-finished products.

      (6) If there is a design of buried heat pipe in the design drawing, the back of the shovel radiator should be processed with grooving, pressure pipe, epoxy welding and other processes.

      (7) Pack the finished shovel radiator to complete the entire production process.

Production process of shovel tooth electronic radiator