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Introduction to the quality requirements of the insert radiator
2020-11-27 08:24:09

      Introduction to the quality requirements of the insert radiator

      The insert radiator is the main insert radiator product promoted by the National Configuration Department, and it is also the insert radiator with the highest market share in my country. Its main heat flow direction is from the die to the bottom of the device, and the heat is dissipated to the surrounding space through the insert heat sink. The surface quality requirements of the insert radiator:

      1. The surface of the radiator should be free of shrinkage, corrosion, cracks and other defects;

      2. The metal fasteners (press plate, gland, disc spring) of the plate-shaped insert radiator and the conductive sheet of the water-cooled radiator should be protected by plating;

      3. The maximum allowable value of the surface roughness Ra of the heat sink table is 3.2m;

      4. The flatness of the radiator table top is not less than 9;

      5. The surface of the plug-in radiator (including heat sink, fasteners and insulators) used for humid tropical power semiconductor devices should be protected, and its resistance to humidity, salt spray and mold should meet the corresponding tropical Power semiconductor device standards;

      6. The special fasteners and insulators for the insert radiator shall comply with GBB446.3 (Insulators and fasteners for the insert radiator for power semiconductor devices);

      7. The tightening torque or tightening pressure of the insert radiator and power semiconductor installation should meet the relevant regulations of the device product standard;

      8. The installation center positioning pin size of the flat radiator table: 2.5mm in diameter, 1mm higher than the table.