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Installation steps when the electronic radiator is powered off and before water test
2020-07-07 15:24:10

      The electronic radiator is a device that accelerates the heat dissipation of the heating element. There are two points to measure the quality of a radiator: heat dissipation and mute. Integrated circuits are widely used in computer components. As we all know, high temperature is the enemy of integrated circuits. High temperature will not only cause unstable system operation, shorten the service life, and may even burn some components. The heat that causes high temperature does not come from outside the computer, but inside the computer, or inside the integrated circuit. The role of the electronic heat sink is to absorb this heat and then dissipate it into the case or outside the case to ensure that the temperature of the computer components is normal.

      When the power is cut off, the water should be stopped immediately after closing the knife; when it is started, it should be closed immediately after passing the water. The opening and closing operations are tightly connected to the water cut-off operation, and the order cannot be reversed. When the device is operated at a current frequency of more than 6KHz, the heat effect of the radiator screw, gland and other components should be considered. When installing the device, the user should pay attention to avoid placing the above components in a position where the induction heating effect is strong.

      Before the water test, the heating pipe network of the home needs to be repaired, so that the radiator facility failure and inconvenient maintenance can be found in time before the water test. During the water test, there must be someone at home, open the inlet and return valves, check the steel aluminum radiator and its connecting pipe. During heating of the profile radiator, the valve connected to the radiator cannot be opened and closed frequently, and the valve can only be in a fully open or fully closed state. For example: when water leakage occurs, the inlet and return valves should be closed immediately. Do not shake the radiator, and do not bear too much weight on the radiator connection. In addition, during heating, do not open the valve to use the water in the radiator. The heat of the radiator is realized by the circulation of hot water in the heating system. If the radiator lacks water, it will not only affect the heating effect, but also may cause the whole heating. The system does not heat. After the aluminum profile radiator stops heating, after heating, first close the heating water return valve, open the exhaust valve, release the air, and finally close the inlet valve. The aluminum profile radiator has a beautiful appearance, but like all steel radiators under domestic heating conditions, it is also afraid of oxidation, and full water maintenance is to make the heating life longer.

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