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Installation instructions for electronic radiators
2021-09-16 13:26:10

      Installation instructions for electronic radiators

      The first step: cut the pipe

      Before ordering a heating radiator, we must first know the installation location of the heating radiator we ordered, and the center distance between the center of the water inlet pipe and the return pipe of the heating radiator (the industry becomes the center distance).

      After knowing the center distance of the heating radiator, we first cut off the unnecessary parts according to the height ordered, and leave out the position of the water inlet and the water return.

      Step 2: punch

      After the heating radiator arrives at home, we first need to know the approximate location of the heating radiator and where the pipe fittings mounted on the solid wall are installed. This requires us to map the heating installation position first, and place a mark on the place where we need to be fixed. After the mark is completed, we can directly punch holes to determine the focus position of the pipe fittings.

      Step 3: Hang the radiator

      After drilling the holes and fixing the pendants, you first need to place the radiator on the wall, adjust and cut the distance between the inlet and return pipes, and check whether the position on the wall is correct.

      Step 4: buckle

      After fixing the radiator position, we can buckle the pipe. The main purpose of the buckle is to install the parts connecting the main pipe and the radiator. Generally, reducer and wire are added.

      Step 5: take over

      Put on the wire holes that match the pipe diameter of the radiator, and we can start to connect the radiator. Determine the installation position of the radiator, add an elbow or a straight through, add a cut-off door, and connect the pipe to the water inlet and return port of the radiator.

      Step 6: boiling water debugging

      After all the installation procedures are completed, we can open the water inlet valve and the return water valve to see if the water flow is smooth and circulating.

      Step 7: The heating radiator is installed

      The detailed explanation of heating radiator installation method is divided into steps. The method of installing heating radiator is written in detail. You can try to install the heating radiator in your home. If you are busy at work, you can also ask professionals to help you install it.