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How to achieve better heating effect of electronic radiator
2020-10-12 10:22:09

      How to achieve better heating effect of electronic radiator

      If you want the heating effect of the heating electronic radiator to be better, now you will increase the heating equipment, and the more used way is to increase the heat sink to achieve it. When installing the heat sink, you need to master certain methods and skills , Friends who want to use the heat sink may wish to understand.

      Heat sink installation—precautions for installing heat sink

      When planning to install the heat sink, the first thing we need to do is to consider where the electronic heat sink needs to be installed, which location has the best heating effect, and which location is aesthetically pleasing. Of course, the specific installation location has good safety performance. the most important. In the process of installing the heat sink, the most critical thing is safety and airtightness. Special attention should be paid to no water leakage. Consider from another angle, that is, the difficulty of construction. Under no special circumstances, do not change the position of the heat sink at will. The water in the heating is softened water that has been treated with anti-corrosion, and chemical agents are added. Using this water is harmful to health. Moreover, the loss of water in the heating pipeline will cause an air lock in the heating system, which will affect the heating effect. A large amount of water loss in heating will affect the pressure and flow of the entire system, and will inevitably affect the heating temperature. After installation, testing is indispensable. Usually during the replacement construction, the workers will reserve the valve on the pipeline, and the stamping test should be carried out after the installation. Make sure that there are no leaks, drips, water leaks, or running water, the heat sink installation is no problem, and this completes the test and acceptance of the heat sink.

      Heat sink installation-common faults and solutions of heat sink

      1. The heat sink leaks. First of all, place a container that can hold water under the leak in time. If the water splashes around, you can wrap the leaking area with a towel and lead it to the container. Users of household control should close the two valves (indoor main valve) at the entrance of the indoor pipeline in time. If the old system has a control valve, close the heat sink control valve quickly. When the heat sink does not control the valve, if the situation is particularly urgent and cannot be controlled, the general valve in front of the building can be quickly closed with the help of others, and the service phone of the external network maintenance personnel can be called in time.

      2. Water seepage in the heat sink. For slight water seepage (about 5 drops per minute), users can use a water receiver to collect water. As the temperature of the water supply increases, the water seepage may be reduced. More than 10 drops is a water seepage phenomenon. According to the actual situation, observe for about 3 to 5 days. If the water seepage phenomenon is reduced with the temperature change, the user can collect the water with a water receiver. If the water seepage is serious (more than 10 drops per minute) Contact relevant units for maintenance in time.

      The heating effect of the insert radiator is very ideal, and the cost performance is also very high. In order to ensure that the heat sink can work normally, we need to ask professional personnel to install the heat sink in the correct way, and even after the heat sink fails Find the corresponding solution, let the heat sink bring us a more comfortable life.

 How to achieve better heating effect of electronic radiator