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Electronic radiator radiator temperature controller
2021-08-20 08:36:18

      Electronic radiator is to design an electronic radiator radiator temperature controller based on PIC single chip microcomputer, so as to form an electric heating system that can be used in ordinary households through it and several heat pipe radiators.

      Aiming at the low level of automation of greenhouse environment control, the hardware composition and working principle of greenhouse control are introduced, and the software flow chart is given. The design is based on the PIC16F877 single-chip microcomputer as the core, and the DS18B20 temperature sensor measures the temperature to realize the measurement statistics and changes of the indoor temperature, and can display the indoor temperature, the temperature to be reached and the power used by the entire system in real time with LCD. The hardware part uses the temperature sensor to measure the indoor temperature and transmits it to the single-chip microcomputer system, and then the single-chip microcomputer system displays the signal processing and artificially sets the working mode through the button part; and then calculates the power used by the entire system through a reasonable algorithm, and To be displayed.

      Can achieve more economical and energy-saving effects. The principle of heat pipe technology is relatively simple. It mainly uses the evaporation and condensation of the working fluid to transfer heat. The working fluid of the heat pipe covers from helium and nitrogen for low temperature applications to liquid metals such as sodium and potassium for high temperature applications; the more common heat pipe working fluids are There are ammonia, water, acetone and methanol.