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Electronic products' requirements for plug-in radiators
2020-12-04 14:43:22

      Electronic products' requirements for plug-in radiators

      Different parts of the plug-in radiator are connected by welding, and the quality of welding directly affects the quality and service life of the plug-in radiator. The welding process mainly includes filler welding and body welding. Relatively speaking, the body welding has good corrosion resistance and has a uniform weld scar without grinding; the filler welding has poor corrosion resistance and the surface is smooth and smooth.

      When purchasing, it mainly depends on whether the welding is firm, whether the appearance of the welding seam is uniform, and whether there is unevenness. However, it is not too strong to make the welds smooth and flat, because excessive grinding will easily reduce the strength of the welded parts and cause water leakage.

      With the advent of the Internet era, the original industrialized era of mass production has gradually been broken, and various personalized plug-in radiators with weird appearances are constantly on the market. These electronic products often have extremely high use of appearance and space. The requirements for the heat sink design of the insert-type radiator will also pose new challenges.

Electronic products' requirements for plug-in radiators